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Upholds Principles and Trust

AHJOO Engineering!

Welcome to Ahjoo-Engineering Co., Ltd.

Since the Founded of Ahjoo-Firm in 1984, Ahjoo Engineering has changed its name to Ahjoo-Engineering Co., Ltd. again in 2016 after Ahjoo-Geo-Engineering and Geo-Plus-ENG Co., Ltd.

Ahjoo-Engineering Co., Ltd provide high-quality enginee -ring services based on various technical experiences in construction Instrumental management and geotechnical Investigation and explorations.

In addition, Ahjoo-Engineering Co., Ltd have various work capabilities and professional technical personnel ranging from safety maintenance of civil construction, geotechnical field works, and civil design, and by pursuing perfect technology through continuous research and develop Ourselves.

Ahjoo-Engineering Co., Ltd always value becoming a company that contractor can entrust at any time with your trust as a guarantee.

Best Regards,